Nutrition and Wellness Resources

A collection of evidence-based tools and resources to support nutrition and wellness efforts.

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Local School Wellness Policy

Your district’s Local School Wellness Policy (most likely Board Policy 5030) delineates the district’s rules and goals regarding wellness topics such as social emotional health, physical activity, etc.

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Staff Wellness

We have to put on our own oxygen masks before assisting others. Staff who are supported in their wellness are happier at work, and students will follow their lead.

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Nutrition Education

In addition to their many essential nutrients, fruits and vegetables contain fiber, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals that improve digestive health, reduce cancer risk and cardiovascular disease risk, and improve mood.

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Food Security

Schools can help by promoting school meals and sharing information about nutrition assistance programs.

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Social Emotional Wellness

Social emotional wellness is key to total health as it develops skills such as asking for help or support, making reasoned decisions, and encouraging us to value ourselves enough to take care of our health.

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Physical Activity

Physical activity can reduce risk of chronic disease and injury, but it can also improve mental health and total quality of life.

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Family and Community

Schools provide social connection, information on state and local resources, parent/guardian education, and partnership with community organizations, all of which can support family and community wellness.

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Nutrition Environment

Strategies to improve the nutrition environment help make the healthy choice the easy choice. With so many waking hours spent on the school campus, these strategies can impact health. Learn more about healthy fundraising, healthy celebrations, Smarter Lunchrooms, vending machines, and more!

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Collaboration Corner

Please complete this quick survey to provide your feedback on potential resources and technical assistance needed to better support your school community. For questions and ideas from other LEAs, check out our FAQs.